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Day #1

So... The fun has started

Looking through cupboards & fridge last night and I still have a little bit of stuff to get through so will go through everything today and see what is what...

I noticed a major problem in my plan as I really don't have a "Breakfast" type of food and although I'm not that type of person I think I may have to get something else... We'll see

Weigh in #1 = 217.6lbs March 25th 2014

x2 Coffee 35 Calories each
Total = 70 Calories

x7 330ml still bottled water (swap to bigger bottles ASAP)

Exante Carbonara 207 Calories
10g Spring Onion 3 Calories
Total = 210 Calories


Turned out like soup 1st attempt so not really going to judge to much

I think this will be good once I find out how to prepare it correctly but the instructions take no account of microwave performance etc...

150ml Boiling water added and left covered for 5 minutes then cooked for 2 minutes in a microwave stirring 2-3 times... Simply doesn't work

Exante Chocolate Mint Shake 204 Calories

Basically 240 ml Cold Water I used bottled mixed with shake mix in a really cheap blender from ebay...

Not really sure what to think to be honest...

My body is not used to the "shake thing" so my mind is telling me that I'm still hungry as I had a small Milk Shake LOL

The first week is really me finding my feet and also finding a good blend between not being hungry and not eating and of course I'm a bit worried about replacing a "meal" with a Shake or a Diet Bar...

At the moment I can bulk up the low calorie meals with a little veg and it actually feels like I'm eating as normal BUT I just drank the shake and feel like I simply had something to drink lol

I think I'll try adding ice the next time before blending to thicken it up a little and make it a bit heavier

Exante Shepherd's Pie 201 Calories
72g Carrots 20 Calories *not really allowed
27g Green Beans 11 Calories
Total = 232 Calories

Completely disregarded the cooking instructions and steamed the veg so that was going to be for 30-35 minutes so I mixed 250ml water with the mix and left covered for 20 minutes then microwaved after 45 sec stir, 30 sec stir, added Salt & Pepper 35 sec stir...

The only thing that lets this down as simply it looks terrible and this even forced me to NOT take a picture of it until I can find a better way of presenting this...

I think slightly less water next time and REALLY can't think what this would be like without anything extra BUT I did like it a lot.

Yesterday = 3216,  Today = 716...