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Day #24

Facebook was doing my head in with the way that they listed posts etc so re-done the whole site and this is far more manageable now...

Hmmm... Smoked Salmon Salad again today :)

x2 Coffee (Black NO Sugar) 10 Calories each

2l Bottled Water
x2 Organic Chicken Stock Cubes in Water (Trace)
x2 Mug Green Tea

Exante Porridge Oats 200 Cal
Total = 200 Calories

Mixed 200ml Cold Water with Porridge Mix

Cooked in a small pot on a low heat for about 5 minutes

VERY nice and creamy and quite filling

~ NOTE: It also thickens up while standing.

Smoked Salmon Salad
50g Mixed Salad 12 Cal / 0.8 Carbs
25g Cucumber 4 Cal / 0.7 Carbs
50g Mixed Pepper 10 Cal / 1.5 Carbs
53g (1/2-) Arbroath Smoked Salmon 98 Cal / 1 Carb
15g Blue Cheese Dressing 7 Cal / 0.7 Carb
(Sainsburys - Be Good To Yourself)
Total = 131 Calories & < 5 Carbs

Looking at the price it comes across as quite expensive at £4.79 per pack but in reality this will be two meals so not too bad BUT

It is AMAZING!!!

Exante Chocolate Orange Bar
Chocolate & Orange Bar
Total = 219 Calories

Had a wee Coke Zero

You're allowed one per day!

In Bed:
Exante Double Chocolate Bar
double Chocolate Bar
Total = 201 Calories

Yesterday = 853,  Today = 771…

(131 Calories & 5 Carbs = food week)