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Day #27

Another 2 mile walk today... Not sure as it was the exact same as yesterday so I think listening to music must break the phone app as yesterday it was 3+ lol never mind it's all a bonus!

x2 Coffee (Black NO Sugar) 10 Calories each

2l Bottled Water
x2 Organic Chicken Stock Cubes in Water (Trace)
x2 Mug Green Tea

Woke up FAR too early so thought I'd make a mini breakfast simply for photo purposes but I had fun making it lol

Early Breakfast Snack
70g Egg White 37 Calories & 0.4 Carbs
40g Mixed Pepper 8 Calories & 1.2 Carbs
15g Spring Onion 5 Calories & 0.6 Carbs
Spray Oil
Cracked Black Pepper
Fresh Chives
Total = 50 Calories & < 2.5 Carbs

PS: They are meant to be flowers (for the Ladies on the Diet LOL)

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Exante Porridge Oats 200 Cal
Total = 200 Calories

Mixed 200ml Cold Water with Porridge Mix

Cooked in a small pot on a low heat for about 5 minutes

VERY nice and creamy and quite filling

~ NOTE: It also thickens up while standing.

Fresh Tuna with Stir Fry Veg
91g Fresh Tuna 124 Cal / <0.5 Carb
49g Mushrooms 12 Cal / 0.15 Carb
62g Mixed Pepper 12 Cal / 1.8 Carb
10g Green Beans 3 Cal / 0.4 Carb
Cracked Black Pepper
Light Soy Sauce
Fresh Chives
Spray Oil
Total = 151 Calories & < 3 Carbs

Fried Tuna on a high heat until a nice colour on each side for roughly 3 minutes each side (starts to break apart when cooked)

Some people like it pink in the middle, I don't

Cooked Veg in Spray Oil & Cracked Black Pepper on a high heat for 4-5 minutes (do not overcook) added some Soy Sauce for colour near the end (also adds a nice taste)

NOTE: A smaller portion due to extra calories from above "Flowers"

Exante Banana Shake
Banana Shake
Total = 203 Calories

Had a wee Coke Zero

You're allowed one per day!

In Bed:
Exante Double Chocolate Bar
double Chocolate Bar
Total = 201 Calories

Yesterday = 840,  Today = 825…

(201 Calories & < 6 Carbs = food week)