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Day #3

After Day #1 disaster with the Carbonara aka.
(Uncooked Pasta Soup)

Today was project Carbonara

x2 Coffee (Black NO Sugar) 10 Calories each
Total = 20 Calories

x6 330ml Bottled Water
x2 Mug Green Tea
x1 Coffee (Black NO Sugar) 10 Calories each

Exante Carbonara 207 Calories
62g (7) Button Mushrooms 15 Cal / 0.19 Carb
15g (2 1/2's) Spring Onion 5 Cal / 0.7 Carb
Spray Oil
Garlic Powder
Cracked Black Pepper
Fresh Coriander
Total = 227 Calories (Additional < 1 Carbs & 20 Cal)

Boiled 190ml water and mixed in the Carbonara mix and covered for 25 minutes with a little Garlic Powder...

Fried Mushrooms & Spring Onion in a little spray oil

Mixed both added Cracked Black Pepper and cooked in a small pot on low heat for 8 mins

Exante Toffee Caramel Shake 103 Calories (ONLY HALF)
Exante Red Berry Bar 100 Calories (ONLY HALF)
Total = 203 Calories

I am struggling to adapt to either Bars or Shakes so thought I'd try the half 'n half approach and I was the PERFECT choice..!

I'm so used to food the whole approach to "shakes" simply scares me and although it will be easier after a week or two I'm limiting them for now and will introduce them later more often

That's the good thing with Exante as you can mix or match!

Exante Shepherd's Pie 201 Calories
62g Turnip 14 Cal / 1.8 Carbs
15g Little Gem Lettuce 3 Cal / 0.2 Carbs
18g Tomato 3 Cal / 0.5 Carbs
15g Green Pepper 3 Cal / 0.4 Carbs
Cracked Black Pepper
Spray Oil
Garlic Powder
Fresh Coriander
Total = 224 Calories (Additional 2.9 Carbs & 23 Cal)

Boiled 225ml water and mixed in the Shepherd's Pie mix and covered for 15 minutes with a little Garlic Powder...

Made a little low carb salad with no dressing etc

Fried Turnip in a little spray oil so they look like chips

Added Cracked Black Pepper to Mix and cooked in small pot on low heat for 3 minutes

This is the worse looking dishes but one of the nicest tasting so I had a little fun and made it look as appealing as I possible could

All the dishes are designed to be as little hassle as possible and the additional time I take preparing etc actually helps me not think of the food in the first place.

Yesterday = 675,  Today = 684…

I liked today :)