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Day #38

Today I spent most of the day planning the Freebie list and organising postage costs etc AND of course trying to make this work for everyone... Here's the plan:

Have you joined our FREEBIE area... (HERE)

(Link will differ depending when you are reading this)

My plan is to make a little amount of money by YOU lot using the Exante links on this site to then purchase your packs etc and I will then earn a small commission

With this commissions I'll be donating 50% to a Charity *Currently "Cancer Research UK" then paying for the cost of keeping this site online and will then use the amounts left to purchase reduced packs to give BACK to members who join the Free Product list!

Example... If you were to click this link it would take you to the Exante site and if you make a purchase I then get a VERY small % but it soon adds up and if I can make £10 a Month for a good cause then :)

LOL - So go and order stuff NOW!


My plan is to be able to give at LEAST 5 Exante packs away each Month and £10-£25 to Charity.

Better than nothing!

x2 Coffee (Black NO Sugar) 10 Calories each

2l Bottled Water
x2 Organic Chicken Stock Cubes in Water (Trace)
x2 Mug Green Tea

Exante Porridge Oats 200 Cal
Total = 200 Calories

Mixed 200ml Cold Water with Porridge Mix

Cooked in a small pot on a low heat for about 5 minutes

VERY nice and creamy and quite filling

NOTE: It also thickens up while standing.

Exante Chocolate Orange Bar
Chocolate & Orange Bar
Total = 219 Calories

Had a wee Coke Zero

You're allowed one per day!

In Bed:
Exante Double Chocolate Bar
double Chocolate Bar
Total = 201 Calories

Yesterday = 640,  Today = 640…