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Day #39

I got GREAT news today as I won the Group "Weight Loss Hero" this is great and an amazing motivator for myself and I can't wait to get the initial 50 Days out of the way so I can focus on helping other users and making a LOT more < 200 Calorie meals etc...

A major big THANK YOU to all the people who put my name forward for this months "Weight Loss Hero"...

Without the support of other "Exantians" there is no way I could stick to the plans and if I can help others in ANY way at all I'm more than happy to oblige.

I look forward to posting more Pictures & Recipes soon :) B

I received £50 towards more Exante products so I made another donation to Cancer Research UK to pay it forward ;)

Charity donation

I donated 20% and Sent at LEAST three other users a FREE Exante Pack in the post as part of "The Big Plan" see below

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x2 Coffee (Black NO Sugar) 10 Calories each

2l Bottled Water
x2 Organic Chicken Stock Cubes in Water (Trace)
x2 Mug Green Tea

Exante Porridge Oats 200 Cal
Total = 200 Calories

Mixed 200ml Cold Water with Porridge Mix

Cooked in a small pot on a low heat for about 5 minutes

VERY nice and creamy and quite filling

NOTE: It also thickens up while standing.

Exante Chocolate Orange Bar
Chocolate & Orange Bar
Total = 219 Calories

Had a wee Coke Zero

You're allowed one per day!

In Bed:
Exante Double Chocolate Bar
double Chocolate Bar
Total = 201 Calories

Yesterday = 640,  Today = 640…