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Day #4

Hmm.. Not sure what's up today but I seem to NEVER be full today! Ah well never mind extra water and fluids in general as I simply need to get over the first week line :)

x2 Coffee (Black NO sugar) 10 Calories each

x6 330ml Bottled Water
x2 Mug Green Tea

Exante Spaghetti Bolognese 202 Cal
65g (8) Button Mushrooms 17 Cal / 0.19 Carb
80g (5) Small Cherry Tomatoes 14 Cal / 2.4 Carb
Spray Oil
Garlic Powder
Chilli Flakes

Fresh Coriander
Total = 233 Calories (Additional < 3 Carbs & 31 Cal)

Boiled 250ml water and mixed in the Bolognese mix and covered for 20 minutes with a little Garlic Powder and Chilli Flakes

Fried Mushrooms & Tomato in a little spray oil

Mixed together and cooked in small pot on low heat for 6 minutes

Exante Toffee Caramel Shake 103 Calories (ONLY HALF)
Exante Red Berry Bar 100 Calories (ONLY HALF)
Total = 203 Calories

I got a bit carried away here LOL

Chili & Pepper was enough so you can EASILY split the meal pack and have the rest later with someTurnip Chips (a little less as I made too much)

Exante Red Bean Chilli 203 Cal
15g Little Gem 2.3 Cal / 0.25 Carb
20g (1) Small Cherry Tomato 3.6 Cal / 0.6 Carb
90g (1) Whole Green Pepper 18 Cal / 2.6 Carb
Spray Oil
Total = 227 Calories (Additional <4 Carbs & 24 Cal)
60g Turnip 13 Cal / < 2 Carb
Total = 240 Calories (Additional < 6 Carbs & 37 Cal)

Boiled 210ml water and mixed in the Chilli mix and covered for 10 minutes

Made up little Salad and prepared Green Pepper

Pre-Heat Oven to 180 degrees

Realised the Chilli was FAR to much for the Pepper so quickly made Chip size Turnip pieces (60g is too much)

Filled Pepper with Chilli and placed the rest to the side

Oven cooked Pepper & Turnip for 20 Minutes but took the "Chips" out a little early and finished them in a pan to add more colour (wasn't going to eat them anyway)...

Cooked the rest of the Chilli mix for about 3 minutes

FAR too many additional Carbs today although only about 4 the actual breakdown when worked out properly is ok...

Things like the Diet Bars have less etc and I never ate everything but had to use up Veg etc anyway so it made nice pictures :)

Wasn't feeling the best today so early night and back on track tomorrow  (even though I still kicked ass today)

Yesterday = 684,  Today = 696…

(A little too many carbs)