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Day #44

Kept today as simple as possible with just having THREE bars AGAIN and too be honest its not too bad HOWEVER it can be a little windy ;)

I spent a lot of time today looking at videos & recipes and breaking them down so I can try them and of course keep them under my calorie budget.

My weekly aim is to be 3 packs PLUS (200 Calories & 5 Carbs) x5 days a week and (400 Calories & 10 Carbs) on the other 2 days...

This means I can create great dishes like these:

from exante food week
And this stage will starting after my 7-10 day break from the diet (in 6 days time :)

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x2 Coffee (Black NO Sugar) 10 Calories each

2l Bottled Water
x2 Organic Chicken Stock Cubes in Water (Trace)
x2 Mug Green Tea

Exante Hot Cross Bun Bar
Hot Cross Bun Bar
Total = 202 Calories

Exante Chocolate Orange Bar
Chocolate & Orange Bar
Total = 219 Calories

Had a wee Coke Zero

You're allowed one per day!

In Bed:
Exante Double Chocolate Bar
double Chocolate Bar
Total = 201 Calories

Yesterday = 640,  Today = 642…