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Exante Carbonara

Exante Carbonara

To be honest I was in two minds with this and completely ignored any instructions on the packet...

I opted for a Exante Total Plus version as on it's own I felt it was a little powdery but with only an additional 22 calories it's really respectable for a decent portion

I have read a lot of GOOD reviews of this on its own but for me it was very salty and I'm not really a salt person so this needed extras (however small)

Exante Carbonara
62g Button Mushrooms 15 Cal / 0.19 Carb
15g Spring Onion 5 Cal / 0.7 Carb
Spray Oil
Garlic Powder
Cracked Black Pepper
Fresh Coriander
Total = 227 Calories

Exante Carbonara

Boiled 190ml water and mixed in the Carbonara mix and covered for 25 minutes with a little Garlic Powder...

Fried Mushrooms & Spring Onion in a little spray oil

Mixed both added Cracked Black Pepper and cooked in a small pot on low heat for 8 mins