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Exante Red Bean Chilli

Exante Red Bean Chilli

I'm not a fan of Chilli in general but this was very nice :)

It was nice on it's own when I made it first time but once again adding a few calories made this SO much better

Exante Red Bean Chilli
15g Little Gem 2.3 Cal / 0.25 Carb
20g Small Cherry Tomato 3.6 Cal / 0.6 Carb
90g Whole Green Pepper 18 Cal / 2.6 Carb
Spray Oil
Total = 227 Calories (not all mix used)

Red Bean Chilli

Boiled 210ml water and mixed in the Chilli mix and covered for 10 minutes

Made up little Salad and prepared Green Pepper

Pre-Heat Oven to 180 degrees

Filled Pepper with Chilli and placed the rest to the side

Oven cooked Pepper for 20 Minutes