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Preperation For Starting The Diet

I’ll be updating this post as I go and will include observations on my experiences and of course add some hints & tips

The things I use or observe below are JUST my opinion and in no way what EVERYBODY should follow or expect.

Things to get BEFORE you start…

Camera for before & after pictures
Bathroom Scales (or at least access)
Breath Spray
Green Tea
Bouillon or Organic Stock Cubes
Measuring Cup/Bowl 75ml-500ml
Paracetamol (or similar) *I don’t use

Things to do BEFORE you start…

Clear out your fridge & cupboards of junk
Make a realistic plan
Set yourself goals with prizes for reaching them
Take plenty of FAT pictures

Common (not so good things)

Headaches (plenty of water will limit these)
Bad Breath
Horrible taste in mouth in general
You will feel cold most of the time
Typically day 5ish you will feel crap
I have read that TOTM may go bonkers

Please remember this is in general so you may or may not feel the same