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What's this all about?

The 50 Day Diet
Using Exante Diet Plans

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I’ll be using a plan called Exante Total Plus or (Total +) and it consists of using 3 Packs per day plus up to 100 cal of Veg/Salad/Zero Noodles with an additional limit of 5 carbs max…

This will give me a daily total of roughly 700 cal & 70 carbs

I'll be doing that for the first 3 weeks then I'll be having a low calorie food week to break up the diet then I will finish off the 50 Day Plan by dropping to the Exante Total Solution plan to squeeze as much off as I possibly can in this stage...

I recommend you jump straight to TS to maximise your loss.

Simply I'll use the first 3 weeks finding out the products I like and this will save me jumping in too fast with no actual knowledge about it

I'm mixing the plans as I'm only looking to lose 28lbs in 50 days but if you were to ONLY do TS for the first 3 weeks you would easily lose another 3-5 lbs and of course I need to test as many products as I can LOL

To put this in to context here is what I had before the diet started!

x2 Coffee (Milk, 2 Sugar) 35 Calories each
x1 Bacon Roll guestimate 300 Calories
Total = 370 Calories

x1 Red Bull 112 Calories each
x2 Coke Zero 1 Calorie each
x1 Rum Truffle (a gift lol) est 150 Calories
Total = 264

Cajun Chicken, Veg & Potatoes
Total = 360 Calories

Take-away pizza… est 1200 Calories
x8 Cans of Lager 128 Calories each
Total = 2224 Calories

Daily Total = 3216 Calories and this was the lowest estimate.

Looking back on today my meal choices were a MAJOR bad pre-start to the diet and to think today’s food will be roughly the same amount of calories in the next FIVE days…

The worrying thing is that the above is actually a healthy day as the normal lunch is a Salt filled Sausage Roll from Greggs that I grab on the way for a few pints or simply because I'm too lazy to cook anything :(

As I go I’ll include various Exante Recipes with slight changes and ensure that I am as close as possible to my daily targets whilst not going insane in the process.

My recommendation

If you drink Tea & Coffee with milk, drink as much as you can today

Any food choices keep to high protein/low carb like Chicken or Fish

If you drink alcohol don’t go overboard, tomorrow will be hard enough

Don't go mental on Carbs like bread etc but if you like toast... Have some!

The opposite of what I did

Looking at the plans and all the exante products there is one of the biggest diet choice I can see and with the deals that run all the time you can easily pick up GREAT details on diet products.

Here is a typical menu recommendation from the various Exante diet plan packs:

Breakfast: (choice of either)
Exante Diet Breakfast Eggs
Exante Diet Porridge
Exante Diet Mayple Syrup Pancakes

Lunch: (choice of either)
Exante Shake (full list)
Banana Shake

Exante Soups (full list)
Thai Chicken Soup
Vegetable Soup

Exante Bars (full list)
Double Chocolate Bar
Chocolare & Orange Bar
Red Berry Bar

Dinner: (choice of either)
Exante Diet Meals (full list)
Red Bean Chilli
Spaghetti Bolognese
Shepherd's Pie

And so much more...

View the full range HERE

What are the options?

Total Solution
3 Exante Packs Per Day
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Total (PLUS) Solution
3 Exante Packs Per Day
PLUS an Extra MAX of
100 Calories & 5 Carbs
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Working Solution
3 Exante Packs Per Day
PLUS an Extra MAX of
400 Calories & 10 Carbs
Click HERE for more info

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Simple Solution
3 Exante Packs Per Day
PLUS an Extra MAX of
600 Calories & 10 Carbs
Click HERE for more info

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Who Am I?

Brian Jones

My name is Brian Jones, living near Edinburgh, Scotland and addicted to anything to do with computers...

Sadly before I started this diet my daily routine was revolved around pubs and take-away as simply put I'm lazy.

Easily I would have 6-7 pints and a chippy on the way home and this leaded to my weight shooting up and of course other "usual suspects" with eating rubbish everyday.

The first stage of my lifestyle change is to do this as a "50 Day Diet" and the plan is to lose 2 stone before I have a break for 10 days (visiting family) then I will continue with a different plan with a more subtle approach rather than the main ones

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Are you ready to get started?

Have a look at the preparation day HERE and of course sign up to get your Exante Diet account and place your first order... I promise this Diet is one of the lowest priced options on the market and some of the Exante Diet Packs are actually VERY tasty

Currently my fave are Banana Shake, Double Chocolate Bar, Porridge, Chocolate & Orange Bar, Breakfast Eggs, Maple Syrup Pancakes

Simply put I could AND will continue to eat these products EVEN after the "diet" is over as the combination of price, taste and of course nutrition is GREAT and I can eat easily TWO of these products and this will supply 66% of my recommended vitamins ect

Brian Jones
Flat 16, Farington House,
1 Farington Street

Mobile: 07984 639 410